Kalooki Rules

The most accepted card game Kalooki 51 or the original Kalooki to be precise, is known to be as the most excellent variant of the Rummy. Kalooki 51 also confirms that its rules very much resembles with any rummy game. As, a standard turn of this game equally observes:

  • that a player must draw a single card, either from the top of the stockpile or from the top of the discard pile.
  • To form new sets and runs and or to add cards to existing melds if possible.
  • And at the end of each players turn, one card must be discarded and to be placed on top of the discard pile face up.

Further the exact differences that the Kalooki 51 indicates is none other than the number of players, as more players than other Rummy games can play it and further the specific count of the player’s meld. In this particular card game a players meld’s’ total count should reach 51 or more before he goes down for the first time. Naturally a player should aim for 51.

The Rules:

According to game rules each player in a Kalooki 51 usually is dealt with thirteen cards, and allows maximum six players to get pleasure from the game concurrently, and the card game normally to be played with 2 standard decks of 52 cards plus 2 Jokers, totalling 106 cards. Once the cards are dealt, the remaining cards on the deck are to be placed face down on the table to form the stockpile. Further one card is to be placed face up on the table to begin the discard pile. And above all, the aces in this particular card game are seen with higher values

The object of the game Kalooki-51 and that too as the rules indicates, is to meld your cards in such a way so that each meld must confirm a value of at least 51. Or else, you are not allowed to lay down your cards.

The Kalooki-51 also indicates that after laying down the initial meld, one may well add cards to any melds on the table, (either his own or belonging to the other player's) to form a large valid meld. This is what is called building. This particular move also confirms one more way to get relieve of the cards.

And apart from this specific 51 points rule, Kalooki 51 rules as well confirm the use of Jokers. The use of Joker is allowed in any set or run in substituting any missing card or cards. The Joker also assures the point value of the same card it represents and counts 25 penalty points if remained in the hand of a player at the end of game.

The reuse of Jokers according to Kalooki-51 rules can be done if a set of three cards contains a Joker. The Joker then can be released in exchange for equal ranking cards of both missing suits. And to win in Kalooki 51, a player either has to choose Hunt or Going Out. A Hunt is accomplished when a player disposes all his cards at once. And a move with all the cards arranged except one last card to discard is known to be as "going out". Usually when a player goes out the play comes to an end.