Also Known as Kalooki 51

Being one of the most popular variations of Rummy in the world. Kalooki additionally confirms the use of the jokers. This particular variation has equally gained considerable reputation in UK and European countries. Kalooki is as well identified as Rummy 51 and Kaluki 51.

Kalooki 51 also indicates, that every first meld which to be laid down by the players must carry a value of 51 or more.

The use of Jokers in addition, has made this game more interesting and fast. The Jokers even are useful to complete any series and usually helps to win the game. Otherwise to confirm a win, a player normally has to complete series of sets and runs.

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Kalooki Rules

Kalooki as well can be treated as one of the most accepted rummy variant. This game is having a common similarity with other rummy games, and that is to draw a card and to discard a card in a single turn. The only difference indicates that a player must meld total amount of 51 previous to going down with his Sets and Runs at the first time. And to win, the player must complete series of sets and runs

Kalooki 51 rules additionally confirm the use of Jokers. The Joker further can be used to complete any series. This card game equally authenticate "going out”. That means a player has to end his hand by adopting melding, laying off, and discarding.

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Kalooki 51 - Basic Strategy at a Glance

Kalooki-51 obviously should also be played with some predetermined strategies, as the object of playing any card game is to win. The beginners specifically must come up with extra defense so that the opponents just cannot overpower them quite easily.

Never Ignore the Jokers

This article actually discloses the most important winning secret of the game Kalooki. This article also confirms that this popular Rummy Game variant by introducing the use of the joker has become the most appreciated game in the family of card game Rummy and obviously a different game to be played. And it is really a fact that

Kalooki 51 Winning Strategies

Once a player is well conversant with the Kalooki-51 game rules then he should come up with memorizing the strategies to win


How to Play Kalooki 51

Kalooki 51 is very similar to Gin Rummy and the factor that differentiates the most is the fact that Kalooki 51 incorporates wild cards into the game. This factor really changes the strategy that people will use in the game.